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The Magic Behind the Newest Colby John Collection

Colby John is a self-taught designer based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Born in Missouri and raised in Iowa, Colby is a midwest native and entrepreneur. His love of fashion combined with his passion for innovation is what makes his dresses so special. Colby understands that every bride is unique, that's why every bridal dress is fully customizable! The Colby John lines include Atelier, Canvas, and his Private Label Unlimited Collection.

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Every year calls for new inspiration, and the Atelier 2024 Collection speaks volumes about the talent and creativity Colby John brings to the bridal industry.

Atelier 2024 is the newest collection from Colby John. Named after iconic models from the 90's and 2000's, the Atelier 2024 collection embodies the reinvention of what we know as modern bridal.

Photography by Kristie Carrick

"For this collection I went back to the basics and scrapped 90% of what I've ever done before. I wanted to try everything that is different and new while bringing forward the wearability and staple silhouettes we've come to be known for. I took inspiration from my favorite supermodels of my generation and the most insanely beautiful fabrics and laces I've ever been so blessed to work with." - Colby.

Cara [top left], Huntington [top right], Kaia [bottom left], Banks [bottom right]

Cara, named after Cara Delevingne, Huntington, named after Rosie Huntington, Kaia, named after Kaia Gerber, and Banks, named after Tyra Banks, are just a few examples of some of the Atelier 2024 gowns named after supermodels.


Atelier 2024 Collection will be making its way to retails soon enough! Also, stay up to date on the Canvas 2024 collection making it's way to stores now, and the Unlimited 2025 collection coming soon!


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